Johnny Lu, AIA, LEED AP

A licensed Architect and LEED Accredited Professional, who has years of design and leadership experience in both the United States and Asia.  He is committed in offering innovation, collaboration and environmental sensitivity solutions to client.  His experiences in both architecture and development bring diverse perspectives to TAG.  In addition, he also serves as frequent guest lecturer on both real estate development and architecture design courses at University of Southern California.


Mr. Lu graduated from University of Southern California, School of Architecture with a Professional Architecture degree, a Business Administration certificate, and a Post-Professional Master degree in Building Science.

Shawn Chang

A design and management expert that had engaged in architectural design, project management and delivery for numerous of years.  Mr. Chang’s previous combined project size had exceeded 10 million square feet.  Mr. Chang provides expertise in management and execution to TAG’s clients.  His effective coordination and management skills had delivered numbers of successful projects to client.


Mr. Chang graduated from University of Southern California, School of Architecture and obtained a Professional Architecture degree.

Steven Chen, LEED AP

An expert in architectural design, quality control and quality assurance.   Mr. Chen has extensive experiences in various project types including but not limited to retail, commercial, residential and institutional design.   His detail oriented perspective ensures the outcome and quality of each project.


Mr. Chen graduated with a Professional Architecture degree from the University of Southern California, School of Architecture.

Albert Yumin Huang

Mr. Albert Yumin Huang served the past 20 years as the principal of 45-year old Los Angeles and Taipei-based real estate development and design companies- Richmont Development and TAG Design Works.  Huang’s projects are comprised of single-family and multi-family homes, mixed-use buildings, community centers, private schools, and industry warehouses predominantly located in Southern California and Asia.  During the real estate boom in Asia the family business recorded sales of over 300 homes in a day.


Mr. Huang is a boardmember at the University of Southern California Architecture School and the American Academy in China.  From 2004 to 2010, he was appointed and re-elected to the City Council after serving on the Planning Commission for the City of San Gabriel and served as its mayor in 2010.  Towards the end of 2010, Mr. Huang joined the California Entertainment and Tourism Advisory Committee in order to promote the state’s commerce through his international connections in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  Mr. Huang graduated from University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Architecture degree.

CY Chiu, Architect, Executive Director of Asia Division

Graduated from Harvard University, obtain Master of Architecture. He is primarily responsible for Asia, urban design, architectural design, business development, quality and administration. Mr. Chiu also taught at the Tunghai University, his alma mater, in Taiwan as a lecturer. Now, he is also teaching at the Chinese Cultural University as an Adjunct Associate Professor.

He is a licensed architect and years of design experience both in Taiwan and China. He has been involved in various design projects, including corporate headquarters, research and development centers, commercial facilities, campus planning, plant facilities, medical facilities, sports and station transportation facilities. He possess both practical and academic knowledge, while is committed to providing to owner a natural, ecological and cultural context of design solution.

Chi-Su Tai, Director, Asia Division

Graduated Chinese Culture University and obtained PhD degree in construction management. Mr. Tai, currently, is the Associate Director of Construction Management Association, Secretary General of BOT Promotion Association, member of Knowledge Management & Application Association & Intelligent Building Review Committee.


Mr. Tai has years of leading experience in city planning, large scale public building planning and project construction management. His expertise earns many high regards in the design industry and makes him as chief adviser for many large scale projects in public sector. Mr. Tai is primarily responsible for project construction management and interface management.

Chin-Fu Yang, Director, Asia Division

Graduated from Cheng Kung University, Department of Architecture, obtained a Master degree in architecture. Mr. Yang used to be a member of ROC Public Works Procurement Review Committee, member of the Cultural Reservation of Kaohsiung City Government and member of Urban Design Review Committee of Pingtung County Government. Mr. Yang currently is the Chairman of Kaohsiung Institute of Architects and Official Arbitrators.


Mr. Yang specializes in large-scale building design and landscape design. He has complete design experience in both Taiwan and China. He has been in charge of many award winning projects, which including residential planning, campus landscape design, R&D centers, commercial facilities, streetscape planning and public works planning.

Tzu-Jyh Lee, Director, Asia Division

Graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, School of Architecture, obtained a Master of Architecture. Mr. Lee is also a registered architect under Taipei Architect Association.

Mr. Lee specializes in complex building planning and the architectural design, including corporate headquarters, shopping centers, sports facility, education institutes, religious buildings and other large buildings for public use. He has been working over 20 years and involves in all the projects including planning, basic design, detail design to site supervision & coordination until project completion.

Chung-Hsiung Huang, Associate Director, Asia Division

Graduated from Cheng Kung University, Dept. of Architecture, obtained a Master degree in Architecture and is a licensed architect. Mr. Huang provides expertise in building planning & design, real estate and in coordination with computer-aided tool to provide the best design solutions to the clients.

He is committed in the process of each project through the joint participation of the owners to meet user’s need. In addition, he delivers both quality and aesthetic to create the highest value and aesthetics to the built environment.

Jean Tseng, Executive Director of Interior Design Division

Graduated from Taiwan University and Fashion Institute in New York, obtained the Master of Interior Design at Pratt Institute in New York, USA. She participated in a variety of different design projects, including corporate headquarters, hotels, clubs, housing’s public space, residential Interior.


She used to teach at Interior Design Department of Chung Yuan Christian University as lecturer, now she is teaching at China Science and Technology University as an Assistant Professor of Department of Interior Design. She is also the design consultant for Regent Taipei Hotel. Jean Tseng possesses both practical and academic knowledge and is committed to provide a high quality of the natural and human living space to the clients.